Sentinel™ Staff Screening and Visitor Management


Automated Screening for Senior Living Communities

Protect Your Residents and Staff with Safe Access

“CareSynchrony® Sentinel device has been a great investment for our care center to replace staff to conduct an active screening process. It is very challenging to staff a screening desk at the main entrance for 14 hours every day of the week. The Health Department requires a compliant screening process, and Sanvis Health has been very helpful to adapt a system specific to our facility needs. The Sentinel screening device is compliant with Health Department requirements with alert notices and flagged screening documentation.”

Dean McDevitt, Administrator, Guardian Angels Care Center, MN

Automated Visitor Screening

Sentinel™ access management kiosks and tracking application helps protect your community with safe and effective screening protocols.


  • Automated elevated body temperature recording 
  • Mask detection 
  • Customizable screening questionnaire based on CDC guidelines and state requirements 
  • Mobile apps for increased visitor and staff screening throughput

Fully automated visitor and staff screening helps operators conserve staff resources and increase screening efficiency.

CDC and State Compliance

Cloud software solution supports centralized record-keeping for contact tracing compliance with CDC and local healthcare procedures.

  • One click reports for state surveyors
  • Staff vaccination tracking for state reporting
  • Accessible from any web browser at any time

Safeguarding Residents

Sentinel™ is a comprehensive access management solution for senior living communities 

  • Touchfree mode to support community infection control procedures
  • Realtime contact information about all community the visitors 
  • Unlimited real-time alerts and notifications via SMS/text or email
  • Keeps track of residents who are off-premises  
  • Isolation index for resident who have not had a visitor for a prolonged time

Vigilance at Entries

Sentinel™ is the first line of defense for keeping a community healthy and safe.

  • Fixed countertop kiosks and mobile tablet configurations available for maximum flexibility and continuous coverage.
  • Automated alerts if anyone banned from the community attempts to sign in

Community Differentiation and Marketing

Automated visitor reviews and alerts help marketing teams be proactive in addressing family concerns and improve NPI scores.

"CareSynchrony® is the cornerstone of our business"

Greg Kennedy – Vice President, Zon Beachside Assisted Luxury Living

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