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Care Coordination ~ Health Records ~ EMAR ~ Provider Communication ~ Compliance Checklists

Empower your care teams with tools they need to better assist your residents: care plans, end-to-end medication management, personalized ADL work-lists, safety alerts and longitudinal records – just a few of the ways to make their jobs easier and more rewarding

Unique smartphone based solution that drives point of care excellence

Resident Management

Quality care is the foundation of assisted living. CareSynchrony® helps drive care that is of

  • High quality
  • Centered around the resident
  • Consistent across caregivers

Both new and experienced staff can know the individual needs of a resident at anytime! Everything you need to personalize and elevate resident care:

  • Assessments
  • Care Plans
  • ADL Tracking
  • Progress reports

Medication Management

Medication administration is of utmost importance in an AL setting. CareSynchrony® eMAR can help staff administer medications on time and with ease, saving both time and effort in a busy environment. Experience a medication administration experience like never before!

  • Phone & Tablet based eMAR
  • Pharmacy driven workflows
  • Poly-pharmacy support

Care Coordination

Timeliness of access to information is important not only for care delivery, but to also enhance the overall caregiving experience. CareSynchrony® facilitates enhanced real-time communication between direct and extended care teams, as well as with resident’s families and external providers, including pharmacies. Welcome to the new world of being in touch from anywhere!

  • Care alerts & notifications
  • Care profiles
  • Dietary needs
  • Allergies
  • Care preferences
  • 24-hour Shift communication reports

Provider Coordination

Dedicated and customizable tools ensure secure physician communication via smartphone apps and portals. Physician access to resident charts, vitals and profiles frees up community nursing teams to focus on resident care.

  • Physician communication
  • Secure messaging
  • Electronic physician orders
  • Physician notes
  • Telehealth scheduling

Care Logistics

A plethora of easy to use software tools enables extended teams to quickly support nursing teams as needed, and helps communities digitize various aspects of care

  • Resident Appointments and Reminders
  • Transportation Calendars
  • Locations & Tracking
  • Salon Appointments
  • Ancillary Supplies Charges

Checklists & Reports

Resident checklists and comprehensive reporting facilitate compliance to state regulations on various elements of care and medication management.

  • Dashboards and Analytics,
  • Automated & One-Click reports
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