Resident Dining


Sultan™ Dining POS

A dining management system designed exclusively for senior living

Order Entry

Menus and Calendars

Reports and Analytics

Dining POS

SULTAN is an unique POS system designed exclusively to support dining workflows unique to senior living communities. Kiosks and mobile devices SULTAN POS and SULTAN POS Mobile support quick and easy order entry for residents and guests both in community dining rooms and in resident suites.

  • Flexibile ordering
  • Resident diet preferences and restrictions access
  • Mobile tablets and kiosks supported
  • Integration into family portal

Menus and Calendars

With support for creating customizable menu types and items for one or more dining environments, planning weekly and monthly menus is fully supported. Daily and weekly menus can be shared with residents and families both digitally via digital displays and mobile apps. Daily menus can also be printed as required.

  • Daily Specials Planning
  • Digital Displays
  • Family Portal and Connections mobile app
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